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What's next?!

December 15th - St-Nicolas is back, did you behave yourself this year?

For our last event of the year, we are pleased to invite you to celebrate Saint-Nicolas on Thursday, December 15th.

We are not only going to share a fantastic cheese fondue all together (CHF 35.- per person, including starter and glass of wine) but we will also have the chance to meet our special guest, Saint-Nicolas himself.
The dinner will take place at « Café du Gothard » (Rue du Pont-Muré 16, 1701 Fribourg) from 7pm.

Interested ? Please register in Doodle until Tuesday, December 13th on following link : http://doodle.com/poll/qavs74pyum4tqtpv
We are looking forward to welcoming you there, to share a part of our traditions and spend, once again, a great time with you.

Best regards,

Your JCI Expat Connection Team

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